BBC地平線 何以為人(What Makes us Human) 第01期


我叫愛麗絲·羅伯茨 I'm Alice Roberts.

我的第二個孩子還有幾個月就要出生了 I'm expecting my second child in a few months

今天我出門去見見幾位近親 and I'm having a day out to visit some relatives.

你好 你好 Hello, hello.

想吃這顆葡萄嗎 Do you want this grape?

她叫樂普麗 This is Le Puri.

她是只倭黑猩猩寶寶 又叫侏儒黑猩猩 She's a baby bonobo, or pygmy chimpanzee.

在現存的所有物種中 And of all animals alive today,

她是我的近親之一 she's one of my closest relatives.

這真是讓我母性大發 Well, this is bringing out all the maternal instincts in me.

你好 樂普麗 Oh, hello, Le Puri!

樂普麗雖然看上去很可愛 Le Puri may be cute,

但已經一歲高齡的她 but having reached the grand old age of one,

發育的可比一歲大的人類寶寶成熟得多 she's much more developed than a one-year-old human.

她和我有百分之九十九的基因是相同的 She and I share 99% of our DNA

但從出生之時起 and yet from the moment of birth,

我們的生活就有著天壤之別 our lives are so very different.

我的寶寶出生后 When my baby is born,

光是學會走路就要用去一年時間 it will take him a year to even walk,

隨著時間的推移 作為一個人類 and yet with time, as a human,

他所經歷的人生 his life will develop a richness

將遠比我們毛茸茸的猿類近親豐富多彩 far beyond that of our hairy ape cousins.

那么我們的身體 基因 So what is it about our bodies, our genes

特別是大腦 是如何讓我們與眾不同的呢 and ultimately our brains that sets us apart?

到底是什么讓我們得以為人 What is it that truly makes us human?

地平線 何以為人

這是我一直想來的地方 I've come somewhere I've long been keen to visit,

類人猿飼養區 the great ape enclosure

位于萊比錫動物園的德國馬普研究所 at the Max Planck Institute at Leipzig Zoo,

這是全球最大的類人猿飼養區之一 one of the biggest collections of great apes on the planet.

和人類族群一樣 類人猿家族由 As well as humans, the family of great apes is made up

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